Wing Shadow Ranch
Tucked away in a quiet corner of paradise, in one of the last unspoiled corners of Colorado, is a remarkable place. It is a place that soothes the soul.
That revitalizes the spirit. A place where you can ride and hike, fish and explore,
seek out elk and deer. Or where you can indulge yourself by doing nothing at all. At your doorstep are vast pine forests, dappled by sunlight. Groves of delicate aspen, fluttering with the breeze. Canyons and rim rocks chiseled over centuries. Everything, in fact, except noise. And crowds. And stress. This is Wing Shadow Ranch. A place to relax, to rest, to recharge. And above all, a place to enjoy!


Colander family
Tom & Lynn Colander
the lodge

Wing Shadow Ranch

PO Box 249

Redvale, CO 81431
970.327.4678 * 970.275.2456 (cell)

*We are unable to check our email on a frequent basis,

therefore, the best way to contact us is by phone.